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There are always special events on at the "Crown", please come along and join the fun.

     Pub Card    Toss the Boss    Special Dates

Pub Card

Every Friday night 7 - 9pm - just be in the pub to win,

free entry, ask for your pub card when you next visit.

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Toss the Boss

Every Friday night 6 - 7pm - Toss the Boss, a local fun promotion based on the

old fashioned head or tails toss. Fun promotional give-aways.

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Special Dates

* PROMOTION Corona's

Every Friday *FREE Juke Box *FREE Bar Snacks


Pigeon Club Voucher Raffles every Friday & Saturday night

You can't Win if you don't by a ticket.



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For further information click on one of the links above or contact the office or one of the friendly staff,

who would be more than happy to help you. Ph: 02 6993 1600 or fill in the enquiry form at this link  ENQUIRIES